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Demon Tweeks is the world s leading retailer of high performance equipment, parts and accessories for Motorsport, Karting, Performance, Motorcycle & Motocross. Our extensive product offering includes brands such as Sparco, OMP, Recaro, K&N and much more Demon Tweeks est le premier fournisseur mondial d équipements, pièces et accessoires de haute performance pour le sport automobile, le karting, la performance, la moto et le motocross. Notre vaste gamme de produits comprend des marques telles que Sparco, OMP, Recaro, K & N et bien plus encore

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Code avantage Demon Tweeks - réductions Demon Tweeks

Date Validité avantage
01/09/2018Metzeler Roadtec 01 motorcycle tyre packages from £235.00Detail
01/09/2018Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier 2 motorcycle tyre package from £161.99Detail
01/09/2018Pirelli Diablo motorcycle tyre packages from £113.00Detail
01/09/2018Michelin Road 5 Motorcycle tyre packages from £236.98Detail
01/09/2018Save 16% on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 performance road tyre - from £129.65Detail
01/09/2018Falken FK510 Performance road tyre from £59.93Detail
01/09/2018Save 22% on Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R road tyre - from £74.48Detail
01/09/2018Save 18% on Toyo T1-R road tyres - from £33.76Detail
01/09/2018Browse our 2018 top tyres recommended by Market ExpertsDetail
01/09/2018Oxford Hardcore XL motorcycle loopchain | Ultra Strong Chain And Padlock | 11mm Shackle | Hardened Steel Chain Hardened Steel Body On PadlockDetail
01/10/2018Save up to 40% on engine cranes at Demon TweeksDetail
01/10/2018Save up to 43% on cordless impact guns with free wheel socket set at Demon TweeksDetail
01/10/2018Motorcycle tyre packages from only £97.99 at Demon TweeksDetail
01/10/2018Save up to 17%* on Bluefind engine upgrades with FREE K&N panel filter at Demon TweeksACDetail
01/10/2018Save 10% on our huge range of wheel spacers at Demon TweeksDetail
01/10/2018Save up to 25% on car suspension at Demon TweeksDetail
01/10/2018Save up to 43% on cordless impact guns with free socket set at Demon TweeksDetail
01/10/2018Save up to 54% on performance alloy wheels at Demon TweeksDetail
01/01/2019Next day UK mainland delivery available at Demon TweeksDetail

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Date Validité avantage
01/08/2018Michelin Road 5 sports touring tyre | Suitable for sport, naked, tourer & adventure motorcycles. Including hard & soft commuters | Provides same performance after 3000 miles as a new Michelin pilot road 4 | Latest-generation rubber compounds, dual-compound technology & XST EVO technology constructionDetail
04/08/2018Motorcycle paddock stands & accessories from £10 at Demon TweeksDetail
04/08/2018Motorcycle Tyre Warmers from £18.00 at Demon TweeksDetail
04/08/2018Motorcycle Track Tyres from £80 at Demon TweeksDetail
04/08/2018Save up to 45% on alloy wheels at Demon TweeksDetail
04/08/2018Uses flux cored wire, hence no gas is required to shield the weld pool. Ideal for use outdoors in windy conditions. The welders features include a direct fit safety torch, four stage power setting, thermal overload protection and a variable wire speed control providing a flexible weld. The welder is supplied ready to go with a earth clamp, spool of 0.8mm flux cored wire, chipping hammer/brush and face mask.Detail
04/08/2018Save up to 40% on pressure washers & accessories at Demon TweeksDetail
04/08/2018Two-drawer roller cabinet with large lower storage space and six-multi sized drawer top tool chest, both manufactured from sheet steel with protective paint finish. Roller cabinet is fitted with swivel castors and heavy duty handles. All drawers have built-in ball bearing runners for smoother operation and longer life. Integral locking mechanism on the top chest with two keys supplied. Carton packed. Dimensions 615 x 330 x 1000mmDetail
04/08/2018Made primarily for the motor racing enthusiast, this jack weighs in at just 26kg. Mix of steel and aluminium not only makes this jack lightweight but incredibly strong. Large saddle with jacking pad. Rocket Lift with twin piston design enables saddle to be brought up to jacking point with minimal pumps. Lifting bars are fitted either side of the anodised aluminium chassis enabling fast, lightweight pick-up.Detail
04/08/2018Save up to a cool 35% on home, professional or industrial fans at Demon TweeksDetail
04/08/2018In today's market with soaring fuel prices, a Superchips remap means IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY as well as improved performance - saving you money in the long run. You don't put limits on your life, so why have them on your car? Every bluefin optimisation delivers: an engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot, smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes, and improved acceleration for safer overtakingDetail
04/08/2018The EBC Pad & Disc Kit (PDK) is the perfect choice for upgrading your vehicle's brakes and are completely matched for any on-the-road need. We highly recommend that when brake discs are changed, the pads are too – This will prevent premature wear of both the discs & pads. All PDK's are sold with an additional 15% discount against RRP compared to when the items are purchased individually and are fully R90 European road legal approved.Detail
04/08/2018KW also offers you the opportunity to utilize the OEM factory interior damper controls of your sports car to control the KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers. Applications are available for: VW Scirocco, VW Golf IV, VW Passat, BMW 3-series, and other models.Detail

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